mTRANSLATOR ver. 0.9.4b
You can use mTranslator to translate any text in multiple source and target language combinations. All you have to do is type or paste in your text into the mTranslator text field, and choose the source and target language of the translation.

In order to copy text from any application, highlight the desired text, open the context menu by clicking the right mouse button, and select the "Copy" command. To paste the copied text into mTranslator, right-click mTranslator's text field and select the "Paste" command from the context menu. As an alternative to the context menu commands, you can use the "Ctrl-C" key combination to copy the text, and "Ctrl-V" to paste it.

You can choose between two different types of translation by selecting mTranslator’s "machine translation" tab or the "human translation" tab. The translation you will get through the default "machine translation" tab will be created by our online machine translation service. If the machine translation does not provide the quality you are looking for, go to the "human translation" tab, where you will be given an instant quote for a professional translation of your text performed by mLingua Worldwide Translations.

The process of placing an order for our professional translation takes less than 5 minutes. We accept credit-card and money-transfer payments (for selected banks). The completed translation will be uploaded directly to your Customer Panel, along with an invoice (if applicable). All your orders score points, which build up towards attractive discounts in our loyalty program.

Translation from Polish to Czech, date: 2011-01-30. Dictionary selected Polish-Czech.
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